Why Should You Have a Custom Designed Home Completed Before You Build

Custom designed homes are becoming more popular today than ever before due to the changing needs of our society. Eco home designs, passive solar orientation, cross ventilation and environmentally friendly houses can only be built if each vacant building block of land is assessed on its very own merits. With the pending change to six star ratings for all new homes built in Australia coming into force on the first of May 2011 a custom home is the most practical way to achieve the additional star rating required.

When designing a new home for a potential home buyer the first step for any good home designer is to visit the building site. This is where the site is assessed for views, obstructions, northern aspect, access, building services (such as power supply, water, gas and sewerage), prevailing winds which will be used for cross ventilation cooling and landscaping options, just to name a few. It's in this stage of house design that ideas are formed in the designers mind that will later be translated by pen onto sketch pad and subsequently finalised in an CAD design.

Taking this approach will give you a much better result with home building than purchasing through a display home as the custom design will be perfectly suited to the individual block it is located on. It's common to be in an established home only to hear the home owner complain about the house design and how it lacks effectiveness in one or in a lot of cases, many areas. Complaints about the lack of breeze at night, because there weren't enough windows or in some cases, just poorly placed windows. Complaints about rooms being dark, even in the middle of the day.

In previous years custom designs were primarily for the wealthy, where the only options were to pay large fees to an architect to have a design completed to a buyers individual expectations. However, with the popularity of building brokers and various custom home builders this option no longer needs to be exclusive to that small niche. In fact, a custom design can quite often be cheaper to build than a standard project home as many of the smaller volume builders don't have large marketing overheads - something building brokers take full advantage of when negotiating building prices.