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Why Restaurant Menu Boards Are Trendy

You might have walked down the road and seen that all of the sudden your local pub has a new sign. However it is not like the sign you have seen them have before. This is not a poster or a sign lit up by fancy lights. It is an old fashioned blackboard. Calling it old fashioned though might be the wrong statement to make right now as they are more fashionable and popular than ever before. Many places has started to use them as outside menu boards or placing them inside on the wall.

There are many reasons for restaurants and pubs investing in these types of boards. One of the main reasons is that they are easy to change and keep up-to-date. When the establishment change their offers or any detail on the menu they can easily wipe off their menu boards with a wet cloth and write the message again. Previously many restaurants used posters to display their offers or menus. However using a board means changing things are easy and cheap. Replacing banners, posters or signs can often be expensive and time consuming. Boards are cheap to change and can be updated several times a day if necessary.

Colourful chalk can also be a way of drawing people who are passing into the restaurant. You might spot the restaurant menu boards from across the street, see the colours and want to check it out further. It adds something different to often boring fronts of restaurants and draws in people that might have normally just walked passed.

It is also easy to move a board around. Some like to place a board by the road to attract new customers with tempting offers, others want to hang them up inside their restaurant to tell diners about special deals or dishes of the day. Maybe your establishment has a soup or dessert of the day, then menu boards are an easy way of updating this.

You can choose from many different types of menu boards. As previously mentioned some can be hung up, others are made to be placed outside. A third type is the smaller sized boards that you can place on the tables in your restaurants. These are perfect to display children's menus. You can even leave chalk on the table for children to write up or draw their order on the chalkboard. This is sure to make both parents and children's trip to your restaurant a lasting memory and hopefully ensure you're their return custom.

By: Paul Smart