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The Meat Grinder Advantage   by SA Perillo

in Shopping    (submitted 2010-09-09)

An electric meat grinder is used to shred and grind meat and other pieces of food finely. It can take large amounts of meat in a very short time, making it an efficient machine. Aside from cutting meat, you will be able to make a lot of different dishes using this tool. You can use it to chop fruits and vegetables, and even make your own bread crumbs. Manual and electric meat grinders operate basically in the same way. It uses a grinding wheel to force it through grinding and chopping discs. Usually, manual meat grinders cost anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars. However, electric variants could set you back up to a thousand dollars.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to owning a grinder. The most important one is that unlike in delis, you'll be able to control how thick your meat will be. You can set it on a coarse or fine grind, depending on what you need. You could also play up the texture of the meat. You could also add a lot more ingredients to vary the way your meat tastes. You could even eliminate the fat entirely if you want, for healthier ground meat. You can also be sure that no unnecessary additives such as chemicals and preservatives will be added to your meat. These can be greatly unhealthy, and is not good for everyday cooking. Furthermore, you don't know what spices are exactly put in those pre-seasoned ground meats. Artificial flavors can be used on these meats, which is not the same as all-natural seasoning. You'll really notice the difference in the taste once you start grinding your own meat. Everything tastes fresher and better.

You can use your electric meat grinder on all kinds of meat. Beef, venison and pork are usually used, but you could try experimenting with a variety of other meats. Poultry like chicken and turkey can be easily ground up. As an alternative to the regular beef burgers, which could contain a lot of fat, they are great to use in hamburgers. You could even make ground in any kind of meat if you wish. Because you can set it on three different grinds, you'll be able to choose the right setting for a type of meat. Using a regular food processor to grind your meat will simply not do. They tend to pulverize the meat - not grind. This will result in meat that is soggy and wet.