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Surviving Labor Hearings

Usually after filing a complaint, the maltreated worker would then have to go through labor hearings to prove his claims. This process can take up a lot of time and resources on both ends as they may often have to acquire the services of a lawyer who will represent their best interest.

These hearings take place after the complainant is issued with a "right to sue" document by the EEOC who will first determine the strength of the case and the amount of evidence to support the allegations.

In EEOC hearings, the complainant is not required to have a lawyer present but he is expected to know the process and legal proceedings. After the EEOC finds enough evidence to support aggrieved employee's allegations, the complainant can then bring the case to the federal courts.

After the Verdict

If proven guilty, the liable party will have to pay compensation for the damages incurred by the victim. This will include lost wages and other harm such as which resulted from the said act.

The victim can use the compensation to seek help and treatment for whatever emotional trauma he may have suffered from the maltreatment.

Importance of Lawyers

Lawyers have the training and capability of estimating the worth of damages inflicted to their clients which the accused would have to compensate for once he is proven guilty.

Complainants are advised to hire good employment attorneys who can keep them updated in their case. It is important to hire an expert as the claims will depend on their capabilities in handling the hearing and other legal procedures.

Also, these lawyers can negotiate with the other party if his client wishes to have an out-of-court settlement which will lessen the time that both parties would have to allot in the legal proceedings.

Employment Complaints

Discrimination and harassment remains to be the top reasons why people file complaints with the EEOC. Most victims are those who are disabled, pregnant, or over the age of 40.

Victims of employment maltreatment and abuse in their workplace must not hesitate to file complaints within 180 days after the alleged misconduct has been committed.