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Survival Food Review   by Field Harvest Foods

in Food / Main Course    (submitted 2011-01-07)

Survival Food Review, Field Harvest Foods

What if an crisis came up & you needed a supply emergency food? If you haven t pondered this matter don't feel bad. Field Harvest Foods has your family mind. More & more families & individuals are looking for ways to prepare their homes & stock their kitchens to ensure that if catastrophic events happen they are going to be ready to weather any storm. What would transpire if there were a food shortage because a large scale crisis? Would your family be ready?

Field Harvest Foods is a provider emergency preparedness food which has recently launched a new line food kits. Each kit is designed especially so that when stored the proper conditions will last for over five years. With a diverse variety meals this is unquestionably an attractive asset to either an individual or a family considering survival food products.

Since I am the type person who wants to be prepared for anything Field Harvest Emergency Foods has stoked my interests. They provide great tasting recipes like Granola with Blueberries & Milk Biscuits & Gravy Split Pea Soup & several other easy-to-prepare meals. Every one the food kit comes with meals for breakfast lunch & dinner to ensure that all your menus for one entire week are taken care of. I find this to be wonderful because now I possess a food supply to last for a week if something occurs. I m considering the possibility storing enough for one month; such an investment decision could be worthwhile these times which we live today.

Now I opened food kit one with excitement & I was very happy to see that the food was extremely well packaged & well-labeled to ensure that meal preparation is very uncomplicated. The instructions contain detailed recipe variations based the size the meal. As an example during one breakfast granola with blueberries & milk I decided to prepare enough servings for 4 people. The instructions are uncomplicated clear & concise. I was very pleased that only a few minutes we had a good satisfying breakfast as all us sat across the table smiling as we had our first many Field Harvest Foods meals.

The next evening we opened the package contents the country noodle soup. The soup recipe is very uncomplicated to prepare & requires just a few minutes prep time & then about 20 minutes cook time. I am fond recipes which take less than a half-hour & Field Harvest Foods country noodle soup was a huge hit within our home!

One must bear mind the fact that Field Harvest Foods emergency food kits require water to prepare. But this is a fact with all dehydrated food products. I was completely impressed using the food kits from Field Harvest Foods. This specialty disaster food has exceeded my expectations all ways.