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Stenographers And Court Reporters

Stenographers are also commonly known as court reporters. They are the people responsible for creating an accurate record of the entire court proceeding during a trial. This is only one of the jobs pursued by a professional court reporter, as there are many other career prospects which these people can take up. Short term courses on court reporting can be successfully completed within a year, but the course content is very basic. There are schools which train a person for longer durations and award an Associate's Degree in stenography. The course of a professional Stenographer is much more than theoretical and training on the job is a mandatory part of the entire curriculum. Before the candidates are awarded their respective degrees they undergo a thorough examination both written as well as practical. Certain states of the US also have registration process whereby the professionals get a license to legally practice.

What does the Court Stenographer School Program cover?

The candidates who wish to pursue a stenographer's career need specialized training. They need to equip themselves not only with the basic Court room terminologies but they are also expected to have a decent command over the language, English in case of the United States and other English speaking countries of the world. The comprehensive course offered at the court stenographer's school exactly does this. It polishes the English language and grammar skills of a person and makes him or her deft with the various aspects of Stenography like short-hand, dictation, typing with speed, legal aspects and transcription.

What can be described as the basic criteria to look for the Best Stenographers School?

There are ample schools which offer certifications to students in the United States. A candidate who wants to pursue a career as a stenographer or court reporter as it is otherwise called, has to make a decision on the duration and content of course. The Schools are easily located on the Internet on the websites which provide a good know-how of the campus facilities, the reputation of the school, its faculty, its placement track record, the fee structure, the course duration and a lot of other aspects. One can also find the school according to the State (in case of US) where it is located.

Most of these stenographer schools or court reporting schools offer the following degrees and certifications:

- Undergraduate Diploma or High School Diploma

- Certificate Degrees

- Graduate Degrees

- Master's Degree

Can one do this program online or through Distance Learning Programs?