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Starting A Pasta Diet Is Really Easy   by Angelina Pacini

in Food / Cooking Tips    (submitted 2010-06-13)

The composition of pasta is very simple - water and flour, in some cases, are added eggs and milk. All the rest depends on the performance of the equipment and technological requirements. So revising all this facts, pasta in principle, should always be qualitative. More surprising that bought in the trading network pasta sometimes cause unfavorable criticism.

Although people argue on the question "Does pasta make you fat?", I would affirm, that it doesn't in normal limits.

Consuming pasta we absorb primarily carbohydrates - into this product an average of about 70 percents. Virtually all of this came from the starch, the most common carbohydrate in nature and in our food. On the day we should eat 300-400 grams of carbohydrates.

One portion of spaghetti of 50-80 grams contains about 35-60 grams of starch. This is 12-20 per cent of the daily value. For the main meal in the diet it's normal. But keep in mind: the excess of starch is deposited as fat.

In 100 grams of pasta, more than 10 grams are proteins. Because the protein we need only about 80 grams per day, with a portion of pasta we get about 10 percent of its daily needs. By amino acid composition of vegetable protein yields to an animal, but unlike meat noodles have almost no fat. And from the standpoint of modern nutrition is more than enough.

Pasta diet does not imply any strenuous denials, so you can sit on it for a long time, and it is easily tolerated. But those who want to get rid of extra pounds quickly, pasta diet it forbidden. One of the biggest advantaged of this diet is that the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced by half. The components of pasta strengthen the immune system and decrease the likelihood of infectious diseases.

Recently, in stores you can buy fresh pasta from dough. Actually, this pasta can be prepared at your own kitchen. It sometimes happens that the stomach is indifferent to regular pasta, but to "live" one withdrawn with an "explosion" of energy.

Any alleged beneficial additives, such as herbs, etc., in general, are useless. The nutritional value of pasta depends only on the original varieties of wheat and their method of production. The dazzling white pasta, but turned into mush after 5 minutes of cooking, says that you bought a cheap imitation of real product, nutritional pasta. It will not bring harm to your stomach, but neither benefits it with something.

If you've decided to try a pasta diet, don't forget about following tips:

Proportion of water and pasta - 1 liter per 100 g of spaghetti;

You have to put salt in the water before immerse the noodles;