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Sony Blu-ray Dual Layer Dvd

Blu-ray disc is a perfect media for full high definition (1080p) playback and recording. The Re-writable Dual Layer Blu-ray disc features AccuCORE technology by Sony which enables higher storage capacity and improved protection to deliver exceptional home-entertainment. Having almost ten times storage space than that of single layer DVD media, the Blu-ray dual layer DVD guarantees supreme playback. The Blu-ray disc format is ideal for music, movies, gaming, and Personal Computer (PC) applications. The Blue-ray media, delivering interactivity for optimized-recording experience and enhanced space for data storage, is declared as the all-purpose storage media for the coming decades.

The Sony BNE50RH Blu-ray disc offers 50 GB storage capacity which is ten times as compared to the single layer DVD media. The Dual layer Sony BNE50RH disc is a Re-writable disc and has maximum recording time of forty six hour and writes at a speed of 2x. The BNE50RH Blu-ray disc accomplishes the growing demand of the highest-possible media-capacity to provide higher-definition picture and sound quality.

The Sony BNR50RH write-once Blu-ray disc provides astounding storage capacity of 50GB on a dual layer disc. This space is enough to cover data of ten DVD's on a single disc. Having unbeatable recording flexibility and storage capacity, the BNR50RH Blu-ray disc delivers extreme performance. The Sony Blu-ray discs are compatible with a large number of Sony products including notebooks and VAIO desktops, and home deck-recorders.

The Sony AccuCORE technology was re-engineered for Blu-ray disc media to ensure enhanced durability and reliability. The disc is protected with Scratch Guard which is a hard coating on the surface of the disc media. This protects against strains, scratches, and prevents dust. The extremely reliable recording-material design of the Sony Blu-ray discs resists deterioration even after large amount of data storage; and image corruption. The high precision disc-layer stables the level of disc-flatness that lowers the error rate while playback and recording. The high precision structure design also prevents warping during humidity and severe alteration in temperature.

The TDK 49022 50 GB Blu-ray disc combines DURABIS2 technology. It backs up large data-directories and records HD video. The hard and exclusive DURABIS coating formulation prevents TDK 49022 Blu-ray media from scratches and the other contaminants. The Spin Coating Manufacturing process and Ultra Precise Recording material make a precise and extremely smooth cover layer. This allows ten thousand re-writes without any loss in quality. Having high storage capacity of 50GB, the TDK 49022 Blu-ray disc has 6x (72Mbps) recording speed and also has a laser wavelength of 405nm. The disc features more than two hours of H.D video recording and is hundred percent compatible with XDCAM systems, XDCAM HD, and any B.D hardware.

By: Shawn Paul