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Restaurant Supplies Include Efficient Commercial Dishwashers

Anyone who manages a restaurant or is a restaurant owner surely spends a good amount of time making sure that everything is running efficiently. If any one part of the system is disrupted, it can slow down the entire operation. This is especially true in the area of restaurant supplies. If the staff does not have the necessary items to do their work, or if the cooks do not have the right ingredients, it may interfere with serving the customers satisfactorily. An owner or manager knows very well that customer satisfaction must be the top priority. Diners will return often if they have enjoyed good food and excellent service. One part of the system in a well-run restaurant is keeping clean dishes ready at all times. Even a hard-working and well-trained staff cannot function well if their equipment breaks down. Therefore, to make sure you are purchasing the right commercial dishwashers for your kitchen staff, follow certain steps.

First, determine the capacity you will need for your restaurant size. Not all commercial dishwashers can handle the same volume of dishes and eating utensils. If you are just starting out, research same-size restaurants in your local area. Then buy larger dishwashers than you estimate you will need. While this may seem an unnecessary expense, once your business grows, you will be glad you have the extra capacity. You can feel confident that you can handle extra customers without replacing your equipment. If, however, you are looking for dishwashers for a restaurant that is already established, then you know what kind of volume you will need to keep everything running smoothly. Before buying anything, talk to your dishwashing staff and ask how well the old equipment is working and what they would suggest. If you have a well-trained, competent staff you can safely listen to their ideas and concerns. If they are having a hard time keeping up with the volume, then you will need to increase the capacity of the new equipment. It is always a good idea, anyway, to have more room than you need so that you have room to grow.

Since the dishwashing process is not a one-step operation, consider the workflow when getting ready to purchase new commercial dishwashers. Take into account how each task flows into the next, and look at how well your system is working. You want to optimize the procedure for the greatest efficiency your staff can produce. Look at each individual step and determine if it is working well and not causing a bottleneck at any one point. The usual steps are rinsing, putting dishes in a rack, washing, and then restocking them for the next use. All tasks should flow smoothly into the next for optimum efficiency.

It is important to set up the different work stations that will help move the workflow along. You can customize your dishwashing and kitchen area with stainless steel countertops, tables, and sinks. A large sink should be the first step in your dishwashing system, and it needs a strong rinsing hose and nozzle, as well as scrubbing pads to clear food particles stuck to the dishes. You do not want a lot of food residue to get into the dishwasher, so proper rinsing as a first step is very important. Your commercial dishwashers will perform much better if the rinsing is sufficient. There should also be enough room in this area so the incoming used dishes can pile up a bit without getting in the way of the rinsing. After a good rinsing, the dishes will then be racked, or transferred onto the dishwasher racks. This will be done between the rinsing area and the dishwasher, and needs to be able to accommodate several racks at a time to keep the rinsing operation moving while the dishwasher is working on the current load.

The last step is actually setting up the station for the dishwasher itself. By now you have made your choice among the various models of commercial dishwashers. Since you have planned well, your new equipment will fit perfectly into the line-up of the other dishwashing stations and will be ready to work. The most efficient of the models is a straight-through unit that allows the rack of dishes to be placed in one end and retrieved from the other side, all washed and ready to re-use. With this type of unit, you will need a large enough area on the side where the clean dishes come out to have staff inspect and stack them before taking them to the serving area.

By: Morgan Ambrose