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Rehearsal Dinner Mistakes To Avoid

The rehearsal dinner is one of the most exciting times before the wedding. You are bringing together two families at this meal in the hopes that they will talk, get to know one another and interact in a positive manner. It can be a very rewarding experience. Yet, for many couples, it is stressful and overwhelming. Will they get along? What is going to happen if they do not? As a step towards celebrating your upcoming wedding, be sure to let this evening be a relaxing opportunity for the bride and groom to say thank you to the wedding party and for two families to get to know each other. To make sure this happens, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Not Planning One

One mistake the bride and groom can avoid is not planning a rehearsal dinner in the first place. This meal is often thought of as one that the groom's parents will host. However, in modern times, the bride and groom may both play a role in creating this evening. If you do not host one, this could be a signal to your wedding party that you are less than appreciative. That is because the theme of the evening has changed from being a simple dinner with new family to being a way to thank the wedding party.

Not Booking a Formal Location

Another mistake is just holding a simple dinner. This may be okay for a less-than-formal wedding. If you are hosting a formal wedding, though, a nicer establishment for the rehearsal dinner is a good idea. Be sure to consider private, intimate facilities or those locations that may offer a simple and beautiful touch. For example, enjoying a meal under the stars would be the perfect way to start this week of celebration.

Not Inviting the Right People

This evening is not meant for everyone who is coming to the wedding itself. Rather, it is meant for those in the wedding party and the close members of both the bride and the groom's family. This includes parents and grandparents. It may also include others who have contributed to the special day including aunts or uncles who participated in the planning. Those who did participate in the wedding planning or will in the execution of the day should be a part of this evening meal.