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Preparing Special Salad for Salad Bars: Tips to Make it More Appetizing and Enticing   by David Lee

in Business / Franchising    (submitted 2011-06-17)

When we talk about preparing a bowl of green salad, the first thought that strikes our mind is the conventional combination of iceberg lettuce, some carrots, cherries and tomatoes tossed together. But do you feel any urge to eat such a salad? Well, most people don't as it becomes boring and dull trying to munch on a bowl of leftovers. How about breaking the conventional rules and adding a touch of your individual creativity to make the food a lip smacking delicious one?

Making the salad a tasty and delicious one is highly important if you are an investor of salad bar franchise. With more and more people going in favor of eating healthy and green, salad bar franchise is a booming business option that you can bank on for not only the financial benefits but also the gains of marketing with a recognized brand.

But to attract steady flow of traffic to your salad bar franchise, you need to offer your customers with a variety of green salad options. Don your best creative cap and start preparing some easy yet yummy green salads that will be loved by all equally. Here in this article we bring for you some tips and tricks to make the salads at your shop delectable and appealing in easy ways:

• Go for the Asian style of green salad: How about offering your valued customers with a generous offering of Asian style green salad. Easy to prepare, this salad has a unique charm that is sure to captivate the fancy of every taste bud. Place some clean lettuce in a bowl and toss in some shredded cabbage to it. Add sprout beans, crushed chestnut, pieces of chicken and fresh peas in the bowl and mix it well with a little olive oil or vinegar. Top it with cheese or mayonnaise and serve it to be savored.

• Gorge in Greek Style: Time saving and easy to make, the Greek style salad makes for a must have at your Salad bar Franchise . Similar to the preparation of Asian salad, place a clean lettuce in a bowl and add fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cherries, cucumber, peas and beans to it. Blend all with spread cheese and olive oil. You can even sprinkle in some red wine vinegar as per requirement and need.

• Sauté the Mexican style: How about a salad dish that's spicy and zesty? Sound interesting, right? Then add the Mexican salad to your salad bar franchise menu for customers who love it fiery and hot. Take a clean lettuce and place it in the salad bowl. Place grated cheese and fresh beans in it and toss all with red peppers and onions. Sprinkle in some sour cream if you like and your Mexican salad is ready to be munched on.