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Preparing a Bowl of Healthy Green Salad: Some Easy Steps to Follow   by Eoin Morgan

in Food / Beverages    (submitted 2011-05-17)

Crave for something crunchy to munch on? Why go for fast foods such as pizzas and burgers when you can gorge upon such delicious and healthy green salads. Easy to prepare and healthy to eat, salads have always been a great appetizer that can be lip smacking tasty without the worries of calories and fat. Here in this article we bring for you a simple yet effective green salad recipe to have your taste buds satisfied to its fullest.

Green salad is not just about just chewing on lettuce leaves. You can try and experiment with a variety of options such as vegetables, fruits, herbs etc. Know that it is not always mandatory that in these salads you will have to use only vegetables. You can easily mix and match vegetables with fruits to add color, nutrient value and more it more tasty. Scroll below and get enhanced about the ingredients and process of preparing a bowl of bright and hearty green salad:

Preparing Green Salad: Steps to Follow

• Get a handful of lettuce leaves and wash it well in cold water. You can even opt for the packaged lettuce leaves available in the market that are already washed and made ready to be used instantly.

• Get more vegetables (as per your choice) to the salad. To make your salad vibrant and interesting, you can experiment with your green salad ingredients. Fresh tomatoes, herbs etc can make your salad more enticing but make sure that you get them washed and chopped rightly.

• If you like it non veg, you can add some pieces of boiled chicken also to make your salad more tasty and delicious. There are various types of toppings available such as bacons, cheese, cranberries and diced eggs that can make your salad enticingly yummy.

• Mix all fruits and vegetables in the bowl and stir well to add to the flavor. Not only mouth watering to crunch on, your green salad should be a treat to the eyes too.

• Garnish your bowl of green salad with some walnuts and apricots thrown in it for a better dressing. Your healthy snack is ready to be enjoyed.

If you like it chilled; you can have your bowl of green salad cooled in the refrigerator for some time. But make sure that you do not eat salads that have been left at room temperature for long as it tends to get infected with bacteria and other pests.