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Naples Luxury Homes, Port Royal Homes: 6 Must-Have Housing Design Elements   by

in Real Estate    (submitted 2010-06-17)

If you are looking for Naples luxury homes, there are important design elements that you need to know before

making your final decision. Additionally you will need to dispel the myths to learn why Forbes Magazine has

listed Collier County, Florida as the number one place in the U.S. where the wealthy are moving.

Naples homes are located in a tropical paradise and in the continental U.S. According to Forbes (June, 2010),

smart real estate investors are coming to Naples luxury homes and Port Royal homes rather than pricey luxury

locations outside of Florida or the U.S. The reason for this is that the taxes are low, there is a great deal

of value for the money, there is plenty of cultural things to do, interesting cuisine and fantastic beaches.

Your investigation of Naples waterfront homes and Naples beachfront homes should begin with learning about must

-know housing design elements and other facts about living in southwest Florida (including its laid back

cultural ambiance not found in other areas).

Free ebooks such as the 6 Must-Know Design Elements for a Quality Lifestyle in Southwest Florida will help you

learn what you need to know when looking for Naples luxury homes in southwest Florida. These elements will help

protect your assets in the event of a storm. You will also enjoy greater comfort because the design elements

address other weather elements in addition to storms.

After you gather information, you will realize why the wealthy are indeed choosing the southwest Florida area;

i.e. to enjoy a luxurious tropical lifestyle on the mainland U.S.

Consider the myth that all homes may be destroyed by a Force 5 hurricane; it is commonly thought that all is

lost in a Force 5 storm. In reality there are plenty of design elements that can protect a home from

destruction; an adequately designed home will not even be breached during a storm. During Hurricane Charley, it

is important to note that buildings which complied with updated codes remained intact. Hurricane Charley is now

regarded as having been a more powerful storm than Hurricane Katrina.

Design elements definitely make a difference

Another misunderstanding about southwest Florida is the summers. Florida summers are often thought to be hotter

hand other areas of the country. This is definitely not true; especially when compared to the northeast.

In reality, Florida summers are comparable in temperatures to other regions with the exception that the sun’s

rays are more direct at these southern latitudes. Vacationers do not need to get sunburn if proper caution is

taken. Florida summers are made more comfortable than other regions because it has cooling breezes off the Gulf

of Mexico.

Your home can capitalize on these breezes by incorporating the right design elements; they do make a difference.

Unfortunately many home buyers, even luxury home buyers, will encounter real estate professionals who do not

appreciate or understand design elements.

It is, therefore, important to be knowledgeable about basic design elements. These will address your comfort

and safety concerns and help you make a better buying decision. Here are some basic questions to ask your


• Which is the best orientation for a home to face?

• How important is the roof?

• Does insulation type make a difference?

• Can you hang wallpaper in Florida homes?

• What are some simple choices that will make your home more energy efficient?

• What are the most important design elements to give your home a structural advantage?

The reality is simply this: design elements do exist to help your home withstand Force 5 hurricanes. The right

design elements in your home will give you greater peace of mind. Remember, hurricanes are tracked and warnings

are issued in advance. Clearly, there can be no advance warning in earthquake prone luxury areas such as

California. With advanced warning, you can leave the area, knowing your home has the highest probability of

being secure. And this is what many wealthy investors know and why they are flocking to Naples luxury homes.