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Meat Safety Tips   by Matthew Monnette

in Food    (submitted 2011-08-03)

Using meat basic safety suggestions certainly are a must when handling or preparing food meat to ensure that the food is safe for consumption. Annually thousands of people fall ill because of unsafe food. According to the Center for disease control and Prevention, close to 76 million folks in the states fall ill due to pathogens in food. Of these around five thousand succumb to their illness. Using the necessary precautions while handling meat can help be sure that your safety. Most of these meat safety guidelines derive from sound judgment for example washing hands when handling meat.

Meat Safety Guidelines for all

Will probably like discuss meat safety tips you should follow in readiness meat.

Always wash both hands before you begin food preparation and after you have handled raw meat. Inadequate washing is the leading reason for food borne illnesses.

Keep the utensils and the kitchen clean. Sanitize knives, countertops and cutting boards which have are exposed to the raw meat having an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Make sure the meat has completely thawed as people usually have a tendency to undercook partially frozen or frozen meat.

Don't thaw the meat on the counter for over two hours. Thawing meat in the refrigerator has got to be safer option.

Cook food at properly at safe temperatures. The Usa Department of Agriculture (USDA) stands out on the following temperatures in order to smoke safely; chicken or whole turkey at 165oF; pork at 160oF; hot dogs at 165oF and all sorts of another meat products at a minimum of 145oF.

Never leave the food to cool down after preparation. Always refrigerate immediately. Cut the meat into smaller pieces and place them in uncovered containers to chill in the refrigerator. Cover the container once the food has cooled to below 45oF.

Meat Safety Guidelines When Serving

Follow these meat safety guidelines when serving food.

Don't leave perishable food at room temperature for any a lot more than 2 hours. After 2 hours either reheat, refrigerate or dispose of the food.

Keep the meals hot at about 140oF when serving. Use warming trays to help keep the foodstuff warm.

Keep the cold food cold. Use bowls of ice whenever possible to keep your food cold.

Avoid serving foods or drinks which are made using raw eggs.

Meat Safety Guidelines for Storing:

Follow these meat safety guidelines when storing food.

Generally, uncured raw meat like ground hamburger meat can last for about three days safely refrigeration.

Freeze the meat in air-tight packages when storing uncooked meat.

Refrigerate leftovers immediately.

Refrigerate leftovers to a number exceeding 165oF.

Keeping these guidelines and tips in your mind while handling, preparing and storing meat can be a long way in ensuring that you have safe and delicious meal.