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Make Your Own Pasta With Help From Wireless Internet   by Jon Jacobson

in Internet    (submitted 2011-11-30)

Pasta or other forms of noodles are a popular food in many different cultures. Most prevalent in Italian food, they are also a key component in many Asian cuisines. And while finding premade pasta is not that difficult, being able to make your own pasta will give you a world of new options as to how it looks and tastes. However, making your own pasta also requires a bit of know how and practice, and there's no better way to get all you need to know about it than with wireless internet. Here are a few tips to get your started.

First of all, it helps to get an idea of the material used to make pastas. In most cases, pastas are made from a wheat base. While pastas will in many cases come from refined wheat, they can also be made from whole wheat. And in addition, they can be made from other grains as well. One popular source, used in many Asian types of pasta, is rice. In addition, some types of pasta can include additional materials, such as spinach, eggs, or peppers, often ground up so as to be easily included in the pasta batter. Once you've found the right mix of ingredients, the next step is to mix them together in the proper way. The best way to find this out is to check your wireless internet connection for specific recipes. However, many pasta recipes will require you to do something similar to the following.

In many cases, you will want to begin by mixing flour with eggs, along with trace amounts of salt and cooking oil. The amounts you use will vary based on your recipe. Stir the mixture until it has started to combine, and then knead it by hand to make a ball of dough. Once the dough appears dry, mix in a couple drops of water, but do your best to keep it from becoming sticky. Put the dough on a board covered with flour and then knead it some more until it is more springy. Then, divide the dough into smaller balls and let them sit for a few minutes, to prevent the noodles from being gummy or rubbery. Your particular recipe may require other steps, so check your wireless internet connection for more. Then, put the balls into a large bowl and cover the bowl with a damp towel so that they will not dry out.

Now it's time to set the shape of the pasta. Begin by flattening it out. If you have a pasta machine, you'll want each ball to be flattened to the width of the pasta machine. If you don't already have a pasta machine, you should look to find one on mobile broadband. Then pass the noodles through the machine and you'll be set. You can choose to make the pasta immediately, or dry it out for use later. Keep in mind that dry pasta takes longer to cook than regular pasta.