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Kidney Shaped Pools Out - Custom Designed Pools In   by Daisy Stalin

in Home / Landscaping    (submitted 2013-02-14)

The swimming pool industry is one that seemed to get stuck in time. As trends came and went, pool builders basically gave you the same design options that were around since people began construction of swimming pools. You have an option of a free form kidney shaped (the polyester leisure suit of the swimming pool world), or a geometric shaped one.

Typically, if you were going for the “tropical” look, Pool Builders would steer you towards a free form pool with one little rock waterfall. One reason that they may do this is because they build these pools all the time. In the world of swimming pool builders, this is equivalent to assembly line production work and therefore fast and easy. Probably more so is a geometric pool. More classical then tropical, customers that want a clean, simple look opt for this design shape. Although timeless, there is nothing very “custom” about it until you start adding your own special features.

To get the most out of your yard, you need to work with pool builders who are great designers as well as great builders. They need to be innovative and creative and think outside the box to provide you with options that you may not have thought of such as swim-up bars, underwater grottos, oversize doggie steps, fire bowls, beach entries, laminated water jets, glass pool tile, glass beaded pebble surfacing, wok pots and more.

Yard space and shape do have to be factored in on designing a swimming pool but it should not limit you. For smaller yards, features such as rock waterfalls can be incorporated from a free form swimming pool into the side of a sloping grade, which will make both the backyard and pool look much bigger. Smaller geometric pools make great play pools for volleyball and other pool games.

You can also formalize them by putting in some dramatic yet economical color LED lights with synchronized landscaping lights, inexpensive water jets, sheer descent waterfalls and bubblers. Speaking of landscaping, putting some thought, planning and a little money into landscaping around your pool will make even the simplest of pools look expensive. Established pool builders will either have landscaping crews in-house or know of a landscaping contractor who they trust and refer.

When you are inviting pool companies to bid on your project, you will notice a difference in the ones that have “salespeople” and the ones that have designers that are sales consultants. The sales consultants at Premier Pools & Spas are not only designers, but all are expert pool builders as well. They are very adept at creating unique designs and maximizing your outdoor living space.

These Premier resources provide your local designer with the most cost-efficient way of getting or building these customs items since other locations have already done the research and have negotiated and secured good pricing with the vendors. Because of Premier Pools’ size and purchasing power, you can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

Since Premier Pools & Spas is a national company and the designers share their plans and ideas with their fellow designers across the county, they can provide you with new and different custom options that other Pool Builders may not be familiar with, nor are used to building.