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How To Use Restaurant Menu Boards

The use of menu boards in restaurants is growing and with a wide variety of different kinds of boards to choose from, there is always one which can be used to really promote and advertise different areas of your business.

it has been found that punters actually prefer to see a menu blackboard in a restaurant rather than a poster “ blackboards are usually written on with chalk and are subject to daily updates, where as a poster can quickly become outdated. This brings us quickly on to another advantage of a menu board over a poster or other written materials “ a blackboard is only paid for once and just requires re-writing from time to time, printed materials on the other hand are subject to design and printing costs which means that a menu board is a more effective option.

The first kind of menu board you might choose is one which hangs on the wall, these are probably the most traditional and are used often in restaurants. They provide you with a large space to write on and can be taken from the wall to make it easier to write on. They are ideal for detailing your menu, allowing punters to take a look over the menu before they are sat at their table while they are waiting or you might want to use them as specials boards because even though your waiting staff will tell customers it is nice to have a written reminder.

Table top restaurant boards are also something that you may want to look at using. They are really useful for advertising special offers, or new drinks because it is something that will catch the eye of your customers while they are making their meal choice and also while eating “ a great place to put the dessert options for this reason too.

Easels are often commonly found in the entrances to restaurants, and can be used to welcome visitors to your establishment. There are a number of different ways you can use it, you may like to advertise a special of the day or simply a short message which will make them laugh, a really nice way to welcome them into a friendly place to eat and have a drink.

Finally A-frame restaurant boards are extremely useful outside your establishment. They are a great advertising space “ especially if you are in an area where there are lots of other restaurants as they give you the opportunity to tell potential hungry customers just why they should come inside.

By: Paul Smart