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House Building: The Science and the Art   by Dean

in Home    (submitted 2011-06-18)

House building does not only involve mixing cement, piling up the bricks, and nailing the wood together--it is both an art and a science.

Just like physics, house building needs exact or precise measurement. A pound less of cement in house building can mean a lot of trouble for it lacks the necessary amount of cement to support the whole structure. A substandard iron ore used in the foundations can also mean trouble, too for it endangers the house to collapsing.

House building needs proper mixing or combining of two or materials to ensure the house's strength. On the other hand, all materials must jive together to ensure the "inner rhythm" of the house. Just like in music, everything must be in harmony with each other--the wood, the stones, the glass, the iron ores. All of these must be harmoniously combined together to make the house not only stronger, but lovelier.

Color, shades and hues are also important in house building. A good combination of paints could make your house attractive. The darkness or the lightness of the house painting can bring different moods of the viewer of the house. Too much blue can bring peace or melancholy to the spectator. Too much yellow could be tiring to the eyes. Too much red can bring anxiety or anger to the viewer of the house. That is why, there's a need for you to properly mix the color to bring good vibes or moods, not only to the spectators but to the ones who live inside the house.

In house building, it is also important to consider the height and the width of the house. Too much narrowness can limit your movement; too much breadth can somehow bring the feeling of too much freedom but for most, boredom or emptiness. This is true in psychology and in art.

Furthermore, house building, although can be an experiment, but it is a laboratory where experimentation is in control. You cannot just play with the materials for it would cost you lots of money and earning money is hard nowadays.