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History of Mexican Wedding Cakes and Ideas   by Martha Williams

in Food    (submitted 2010-01-30)

A wedding cake is an essential element to celebrate and share your joy with others. If the couple has a connection in Mexico or loves Mexican cakes then they can serve them during weddings. Mexican wedding cakes have a very old tradition. They are traditionally prepared with help of butter, vanilla and nuts. These cakes are baked in the form of cookies. The finest quality of butter, vanilla and nuts will give the best quality Mexican cake. These cookies are white in color and served in a multi tier tray after the dinner. This case has various names and versions. Some people add chocolate to this cake to give flavor.

These cakes became popular in 1950's and 1960's. They are part of all the celebrations like wedding, Christmas, etc. These cakes have roots in the Ancient Arab culture. They traveled to Europe and found variations in Spanish, Russian and Mexican civilization. These cookies are usually round or oval in shape. The variations are mixing fruits, chocolate, food color to the original six ingredients of the cake. The ingredients of this cookies are fine quality butter, vanilla, nuts, salt, powdered sugar and flour. The recipe of this type of cake is simple and easy to make.

The recipe is as follows:

* You need to mix one cup butter, two teaspoon of vanilla and � cup powdered sugar in a big bowl.

* Once the mixture is creamy, add two cups of flour and one cup of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, etc. Mix them.

* Roll balls of this mixture and place them on cookie sheet in an oven

* Bake the cookies at 350 degree for about 25 to 30 minutes. Once they are done keep them for cooling.

* When they are warm, roll them in powdered sugar and they are ready to serve.

This recipe is the most common and old form of traditional Mexican wedding cake. The other versions of these cakes are as follows:

* A cake that has a lot of tropical fruits soaked in rum. The cake can have pineapple or a coconut filling to give an authentic and different taste.

* You can always add chocolate to give a flavor to your cake. In addition to chocolate, Mexicans add spices to the cake. The slightest addition of chilies gives an amazing heat to the cake. Coffee in form of expresso and chocolate covered coffee beans can also be added to the cake.

* If the wedding has a Mexican theme then you can prepare the cake in Mayan pyramid style. Minute designing will give a special look to the cake. It will stand out in the ceremony. It will become a center of attraction.

* You can always give various shapes to the cake based on your choice. Mexican culture uses a lot of "Cross" a religious symbol. There are cakes made in shape of a big cross or many small crosses in the cake. You can always use lace to increase the beauty of the cake.