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Meat grinder

Whether manual or electric, meat grinders operate on a single basic principle. Meat is added to a grinding wheel through a hopper which is positioned over a sharpened turn screw. This forces the meat through some chopper / grinding screens which push the meat to send and receive of appropriate sized screens. Meat grinding and processing time is immensely speeded up with electric meat grinders.

Manual meat grinders are less expensive and a sturdy and cheaper version would cost somewhere around $ 50. A good meat grinder, be it electric or hand powered would cost about $ 150. Of course there are very sophisticated larger meat grinders that cost up to even $ 1000. Antique meat grinders are popular because they are offered for \'bargain\' prices, for as less as $ 5 to $ 15. They may be bought from flea markets or during garage sales. The old grinder can be easily restored and brought back into action.

Before using a new grinder it is vital to wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water. Small pieces of fat should be run through using each blade followed by a few crackers. It should be re-washed and dried before actual use. A hair dryer could also be used with the objective of drying a meat grinder. Do not anytime push down the food/meat using fingers into the meat grinder. It can be very dangerous and will set you back your finger.

Meat grinder advantages

* Meat grinder provides the right thickness and texture to meat. For instance, meat can be coarsely ground for meat sauces; hamburger meat can be either course or medium ground. Poultry as such is lean. So bacon should be added to increase the fat content and flavor. Thus fresh and better tasting meat can be yours with your own meat grinder.

* Meat grinder can handle different kinds of meat, from pork, beef and venison to rabbits, chicken, turkey and buffalo. The meat grinder usually offers different grinding accessories that make it amenable to different types of meat- course, medium and fine. Meat grinder gives a better consistency to meat than a regular food processor.

* Owning a meat grinder can help control or reduce \'fat\' problems. Based on the statistics revealed by the USDA, Americans in 2000 consumed 300 calories more than the average American in 1985, the industry 12 % increase. There's a 24% increase in the consumption of fat calories and the average daily intake of fat is 81.4 grams and saturated fat is 27.9 grams. A meat grinder allows you manage your own diet in you could control what you really are eating.

* You can control the ingredients and thereby the consumption of fat, salts and other additives for a healthier diet. Use a meat grinder to grind vegetables, meat and fish and make sausages, meatloaves, hamburgers or fish cakes to stock your larder.

* You gain a total control of what goes into your meat products if you have your own meat grinder. You shall no longer be subject to the seasonings found in meats available from my grocery shop.

* Meat grinders help make lighter, fresher, tastier homemade meat, what's best than ground meat that is processed and more prone to harmful bacteria if not handled properly. This is indeed a healthy alternative for meat lovers.

* A meat grinder allows you to be creative in with your culinary skills. With a little imagination, many different sandwich spreads, savory appetizers, homemade delicious sausages, cakes, hamburger patties and appetizing meat dishes can be yours.

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