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Having A Rehearsal Dinner In Your Own Backyard

If you're planning a casual rehearsal dinner, you might want to hold the event in your own backyard. Whether your wedding will be formal or not, having a meal ahead of time that is laid back and fun can put everyone at ease, and in the right mood for the big event. These dinners are rituals that not only let everyone walk through the marriage day ceremonies in order to feel more comfortable, they're also chances to get acquainted or re-acquainted with family members and friends. Being able to chat, dine, and hang out with each other will be a great bonding experience before the "I do's" are said.

Your Backyard or Someone Else's

If you have a nice spacious yard with flowers, trees, and other decorative accents, you have hit the jackpot for casual rehearsal dinner venues. If you live in a condo or your backyard is really more of a parking lot, you might want to think of friends and family members who have more attractive settings at their house to hold for the event. Does your best friend have a wildflower garden to die for, or does your aunt live in a wooded area? These could be perfect spots to hold your gala. If you don't know anyone with this sort of property, you might want to consider a park or natural yard-like setting in your area such as a botanical garden.

Decorative Items to Turn the Area into the Perfect Setting

It won't cost much to turn a backyard into a fairyland for your rehearsal dinner. You can use picnic and patio tables or rent some folding banquet tables from the local rental store. Twinkly white lights strung along fences and in trees can add a romantic touch for very little cost or effort. Pots of plants, tiki torches from the rental store, and garden items turned into décor can work beautifully. Your wheelbarrow can be filled with ice to chill bottled and canned beverages. Even the old canoe your family stores in the garage can be hauled out and filled with ice and beverages for a true conversation piece to add a fun ambience. If you have a scarecrow or two in your garden, how about dressing them in thrift store bridal wear?

Food to Fit the Mood

Because the mood is casual, your food can follow suit. You can barbecue, have sandwiches, or serve homemade spaghetti and sauce. Most restaurants will deliver whatever meals suit your fancy. If you plan to cook the rehearsal dinner meal yourself, you can rent crowd-sized chafing dishes, serving dishes, and utensils to serve a large group.