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Have Your Wedding Cake Covered With Fondant   by Michael Schmalz -Pastry Chef

in Food    (submitted 2012-01-08)

Fondant covered wedding cakes have gotten a bad rap for being "chewy," or "unpleasant" to the palette. But it doesn't have to be so. Fondant covered cakes are not only beautiful, clean and tailored in appearance, but they can also taste fabulous!

Has the allure of fondant's clean lines and satiny smooth appearance tempted you to go with this style for your wedding cake, but rumors of chewy texture and commercially processed taste caused you to opt for all buttercream instead? Well brides, you can have your cake and eat it too!

When fondant wedding cakes began showing up at weddings in the 1980's, wedding guests were awed by their beauty but grimaced when they tasted them. Brides went on to accept that rolling the fondant off a slice of cake was a trade-off for the classy finished look fondant gave. Today, however, that does not have to be the case. Below are three questions to ask your baker before ordering a fondant wedding cake.

1) How thin do you roll your fondant? Fondant rolled more than an eighth of an inch thick may overtake the taste of the buttercream beneath it. It will also cause the chewy sensation thick fondant produces.

2) How thick do you apply your buttercream under the fondant? The buttercream should be the star of the cake. When fondant is rolled thin and applied to at least a half inch of buttercream, you will hardly taste the fondant.

3) Where do you get your fondant? There are two kinds of commercial fondant that actually tastes good. They are Satin Ice brand and Fondx brand, but again, only if it is rolled thin and placed over thick buttercream. As for homemade marshmallow fondant, it has an exceptionally good taste as well. Never hesitate to ask questions. If you still are unsure, insist your baker allow you to sample a slice of their work with fondant and without fondant. If they have answered the above satisfactorily, I can almost guarantee you will choose to have your wedding cake design covered in luscious fondant.

So there you have it Brides-to-be. Do not fear the fondant! It will enhance the look of your wedding cake one hundred percent. You can enjoy the beauty and the taste if you ask the right questions before choosing the baker or bakery to make your special cake. In the hands of an experienced artisan, your cake will be everything you dreamed it could be.