Great House Design

Great House Design: Architectural Designs that Go All the Way   by Timmy Vic

in Home / Interior Design    (submitted 2010-04-26)

Architectural designs can be, by their very nature, daunting to contemplate, unless undertaken by a firm with a team of experts capable of executing them to perfection. One such firm is Great House Design, a professional design company located in Spokane Washington, which has been responsible for creating architectural designs for houses long enough to be considered one of the leading house design firms in North America.

Their architectural designs are practical, functional, and cost effective. Being passionate about their work, the designers at Great House Design operate on the premise that they themselves would be able to live in the houses they design. With this in mind, they endow their architectural designs with those small, special touches that makes homes comfortable to live in.

Using the latest computer-aided design tools, Great House Design is capable of modifying its existing stock of architectural designs to suit your needs or produce new architectural designs just for you. The expert designers at Great House Designs can be counted on to modify a floor plan to add an extra closet, or to move a wall, or enlarge a window without compromising the structure or overall feel of the home.

The architectural designs generated by Great House Design are comprehensive and include all the elements that go into the effective design of a house. These include exterior elevations, detailed floor plans foundation plans, upper floor framing plans, roofing plans, cross sections which show the details of the house as though it were cut into slices from roof to foundation, schematic electrical layouts, and general specifications on excavation and grading, masonry, moisture protection etc. In other words, the experts at Great House Design have a thorough, comprehensive understanding of their work.