Go on a DIY House Building Adventure - 3 Quirky Examples to Building Creatively Just For You

Many of the wonderful positives you get from DIY House Building is all the fun quirky features you can add right into your house. Unique characteristics you can build adding excitement and mystic to your place. Lots of fun. And here are 3 examples to get you started...

1. Shelves and Hiding Spaces Set in Walls - Instead of building shelves or purchasing them and nail them into the wall, why not consider building small shelves right into your walls during the DIY house building process before adding on the interior sheet rock, paneling or pine boards.

All you have to do is use small pieces of left over 2 x 4's that you will have from building and make shelves right into your house framing. You might want to do this to interior walls not the walls guarding you from the outside temperatures where you need maximum insulation.

Of course insulating the wall afterward might require a little more work with handling and cutting insulation panels but the fun and uniqueness of having shelves like this for the rest of your life is worth the little extra time. You could make little Nick Knack or shoe shelves.