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Food Insecurity Appears to Have Entered a Time - Food Safety, Food - Food Industry   by jekky

in Business    (submitted 2011-01-11)

hainan quot poisonous bean quot incident involving the 13 newly found responsible accountable april 9 amazing qingdao reheatertubes explosion quot poison chives quot starting from april 1 qingdao some hospitals began to receive the nine patients poisoned after eating leeks they are there after eating leeks headache nausea diarrhea and other symptoms by the hospital belongs to organophosphate poisoning meaning leek excessive pesticide residues on lead poisoning seriously the current treatment of these patients after the body has been recovered april 9 zhongguang wang recent years problem almost one after another fuyang farther are poisonous milk powder events drug rice events heart egg incident problem milk powder incident near point of the hainan toxic bean case nanning land quot vegetables quot event waste oil events lime flour events etc and these issues food people are involved in almost all aspects of food consumption more and more problems of food which to many consumers a sense of we seem to have entered a time of food insecurity a phenomenon can not be ignored is that the current amount of consumers to buy eat food you always worry about the purchase and consumption of problems exist a survey data show that 82 of the chinese people worry about according to the authoritative department said any of a class of domestic consumer confidence on are less than 50 for the public crisis of confidence on some scholars have even used the quot bitter quot to describe present in the end what is the reason so many people seem to feel that we have entered an era of food insecurity one important reason is that regulation there is a major loophole if last year go into effect june 1 quot law quot which provides a very detailed but the biggest regret is quot food safety law quot is no clear law enforcement subjects based upon industry commerce quality inspection food and drug administration agriculture food and other sub sector management this section of the biggest management troubles is in the food safety supervision on each shift responsibility onto others who would not have a problem with the responsibilities second issue of illegal food costs low although the quot food safety law quot provides for quot 10 times the compensation quot requirement but it still lacks sufficient deterrent effect is difficult to truly serve to deter unscrupulous business results such as a bread only a few dollars 10 times the compensation for a mere tens of dollars this business the illegal cost is too low which in turn are food manufacturers ignore the law and cause problems such as the frequent appearance of food is an important incentive there is dereliction of duty and low cost all along despite the emerging problems of food but it is difficult for regulators who are held accountable it is also ineffective regulation has been an important reason quot three boys no boy quot and to tell us that food safety supervision department more efficient supervision of the lower more difficult to ensure food safety to ensure the health of people from and to the angle of the people peace of mind really need to reform the existing food safety regulatory mechanism as soon as the end of long food safety management at the same time increase the cost of law and dereliction of duty currently the u s food safety in punitive damages learn from this example the united states hundreds of millions billions of dollars in punitive fines for the production and sell problem food business or businesses for fear of offending a great price have to strengthen the enterprise self discipline in addition efforts to increase accountability for regulatory negligence lack of supervision on the problems caused by the emergence of food strict regulatory responsibility held