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Five Tips To Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is rapidly becoming the bane of modern life, especially in the bustling urban areas. Constant nagging from parents, friends and colleagues and various media highlighting the adverse effects of fast food seem to be having the opposite effect. Consumption of fast food is on the rise and the worst affected is the youth. This harmful but enjoyable habit is the source of most of the lifestyle diseases suffered by the youth of today.

Then, is there no way that we can overcome the craving for fast food? Most people know that fast food is harmful but they eat it anyway, as it is convenient and fast. Therefore, the only way seems to be creating awareness amongst people by advocating ways to avoid this habit and go instead for healthy food, which does not involve too much effort. The simple tips detailed here could help you in getting rid of the delicious but unhealthy habit of eating fast food.

1. Make the effort. The first step you have to take is to make the decision that you want to stop eating fast food. Without making a firm decision, you will not be able to put in the required effort. Once you have made the decision, set a target date, when you will totally stop eating fast food.

2. Curb your hunger. People are initially drawn towards fast food by hunger. A hurried snack in between your busy schedule helps you to whet your hunger. To avoid this, your main meals, especially your breakfast should be substantial, so that you don't get hungry before lunchtime. Also, make sure to eat right before you go out.

3. Eat more often. The best way to keep you from getting hungry is to eat more often. This could lead you to eat fast food; to avoid that you have to carry snacks like fruits or baked food.

4. Eat proper food. A properly balanced diet goes a long way in keeping your tummy satisfied and diverting your attention away from the fries. A diet consisting of the complex carbohydrates will keep your stomach full for a long time. These foods consist of a lot of fiber. Our digestive system takes a long time to digest these fibers and hence we don't crave for food very often. Leafy green vegetables like cabbages and spinach, oatmeal, muesli and barley are some of the foods rich in complex carbohydrates together with the other nutrients like proteins and vitamins.

5. Stir up healthy meals. Learn to make fast and easy meals using healthy foods. Oatmeal combined with scrambled eggs could make a delicious meal in just about 3 minutes. Then again you could adopt the Chinese method of cooking rice and vegetables with a piece of chicken thrown. This is a very nutritious and delicious dish, which takes very little time for preparation.