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Ensure That Your Wedding Cake Toppers Mirror You   by Donald Saunders

in Relationships / Marriage    (submitted 2007-09-12)

When you are arranging a wedding, there are a thousand different things which you need to consider, not just in respect of the ceremony, but also for your reception. It goes without saying that one thing which is essential to any wedding reception is the wedding cake.

Your wedding cake is not simply 'party food', but is a traditional element of your wedding celebration, with the happy couple cutting the first piece of cake and symbolically 'feeding' each other.

Obviously you will wish to consider the design of your cake far in advance of your wedding, from the sort of cake you will want to the type of frosting and the style of wedding cake toppers you will wish to adorn the cake.

Now wedding cake toppers are not of course essential and you could do without them. However, putting them on your wedding cake can be an expression of your personality and also make a marked different to the impact of this centerpiece of your wedding reception.

But just what is a topper?

Traditionally, wedding cake toppers have been the small figures of the happy couple which are sometimes placed on the top of a wedding cake in order to represent togetherness. Traditionally, wedding cake toppers show the couple in formal attire and are frequently the only part of the wedding cake which can be preserved through the years, apart of course from the photographs and any video of the day. Wedding cake toppers were most popular in the 1950s, but very many people continue to put them on their cakes today.

So, just what sort of wedding cake topper should we choose?

Now, there are far more designs for toppers than the plain old bride and groom and these range from the silly to the highly artistic. If you decide to use wedding cake toppers then pick out something which is going to be appropriate for the style of your wedding reception and for you. If you are having a formal wedding then consider selecting the traditional toppers or possibly use your initials to create a 'monogrammed' cake topper. Simple wedding cake toppers such as these are also a good choice when you and your partner are having difficulty agreeing on the right toppers.

If you would like to have a more informal and relaxed wedding reception then you may want to choose a comical wedding cake topper or for something which appeals to hobbies which you and your partner share. Alternatively, if you have selected a theme for your reception then seek out wedding cake toppers which support that theme. For instance, nothing can add a nicer touch to an 'aquatic' reception than wedding cake toppers depicting a pair of playful dolphins.

Simply ensure that the toppers selected will work with the design of the cake and, if you are still in doubt then allow the artistry of your wedding cake to speak for itself and leave off the toppers.

However, with such a huge range of wedding cakes toppers to choose from nowadays it is difficult to believe that you will not be able to find the perfect wedding cake topper.