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Easy Dinner Recipes

People don't have the time to prepare the food Julia Child used to show on her cooking program. Things have changed. No longer focused on the kind of extravagant meals Julia made famous, television now displays easy dinner recipes. Easy doesn't have to be bland. Most people couldn't eat that fancy cooking every day.

There is more than television as a source for these dinner cooking ideas. The Internet is full of food. That doesn't mean just the cooking show web sites, although they have a lot of terrific information. Some web sites show healthy meals while others focus on vegetarian food. Every type of meal and food are covered not only by one web site, but by thousands. It would take a life time to read it all.

Easy isn't bland. Simple meals aren't bad tasting. Sure hot dogs are easy to make. They're good, but it's a little common or generic. Eat a corn dog instead. They're simple and delicious. Dip a dog in flour, corn meal, milk, salt and sugar, then fry it. Make it more authentic by inserting a stick.

Corn dogs aren't healthy. Easy doesn't mean not healthy. Broil a chicken breast, remove the skin, cut it into strips or chunks, toss it into a salad. That was easy. It's also delicious and good for you. Make it soup and salad with some chicken soup. Salads can be made from almost anything. Some diced ham, hard boiled eggs and lettuce makes a great dinner salad.

Here's a little history lesson. Dinner and supper started out as separate meals in colonial times. Physical work required a late afternoon meal, called dinner. The long hard day ended with a larger meal called Supper. New lifestyles and types of work meant dinner and supper changed over the years until, for many, they merged. Physical laborers commonly maintained the tradition of separate supper and dinner into the 1970's, and some people still do it today.

Separating supper from dinner isn't necessary. But try a lighter dinner type meal at supper time, or maybe we can call it dupper Who cares? Easy dinner recipes can make it fantastic.

By: AnuRadha