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After the high-profile business process outsourcing units, it is the turn of legal firms from the United States to look at India to outsource legal services.

LexGenius, Inc., a leading legal and business process outsourcing company based in New Delhi, India. Lexgenius in India is the best in legal offshoring.

What prompted your firm to outsource legal work?

We decided to set up a legal offshoring company because we know that the Western legal services industry is sick, and we want to be a part of the cure!

A recent survey of legal department heads at leading US companies revealed that only 30 per cent of those companies would recommend their outside law firm to others, and 53 per cent of them recently fired their outside law firm.

Has it become too expensive to do the work in the United States?

Yes, the price of legal services in the US is way too high, even crippling. Hourly billing rates have increased over 30 per cent in the last few years to as much as $1,000 per hour in the US.

Starting salaries for untrained lawyers, straight out of law school, have climbed to $160,000 per year. In London, rates for big firm lawyers have reached the unprecedented level of �1,000 (nearly $2,000) per hour.

And it is vastly less expensive to have the work done in India. Just as the 'Buy American' bumper stickers were too late and too little to stop Toyota from becoming the world's largest automaker, it is unlikely that anything will stop the legal services offshoring industry in India from stepping into the breach, to ultimately provide most of the legal work that is urgently needed by the West.