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Chinese meat processing industry in China, problems and development ideas - meat, meat industry - Fo   by hi joiney

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1 Present Chinese meat processing industry in the global Financial Sustainable development of the crisis Mainly in four aspects First further optimization of industrial structure 2008 National State owned and large scale meat slaughtering and meat processing enterprises 3096 249 more than last year industrial assets totaled 181 37 billion yuan an increase of 22 5 In Shandong Henan Sichuan Liaoning Jilin Jiangsu Mongolia Anhui Hebei black for the top 10 formed in 2008 amount to 140 4 billion yuan of assets accounting for above scale enterprises 77 of total assets to Beijing Fujian Zhejiang Hubei Guangdong Shanghai Hunan Shanxi Tianjin and Chongqing as the second gradient accounting for 19 of total assets to Jiangxi Shaanxi Guangxi new cloud Gansu Guizhou blue rather possession for the The third gradient accounting for 4 of total assets Investment in the meat industry is more focused on the regional distribution of major livestock producing areas Second to further adjust product structure It is estimated that meat products and byproducts of meat production account for the proportion of 15 1 over the previous year increased by 0 5 percentage points the yield of about 10 7 million tons an increase of 7 0 Among them the structure of Western products is about 46 54 Western style products the high temperature products account for about 40 about 60 of the low temperature products Chinese Meat The number has improved Third further strengthen the brand As of 2008 the meat industry received a total of 49 Chinese famous brand products of 40 enterprises by China 39 s well known trademarks and brand names 37 listed companies up to 12 Brand has demonstrated excellent business skills management level and integrity level is a comprehensive reflection of sustainable development of enterprises according to statistics the meat processing enterprises in the 90 egg companies account for the strong scale enterprise assets in 3096 75 Sell 72 of the gross profit of 80 of the total fully reflects the large enterprise market oriented joint development and co leading role of SMEs Fourth input output ratio and the total profits increased steadily 2008 National State owned and large scale meat slaughtering and meat processing industry reached 424 23 billion yuan sales income up 32 8 animal slaughtering and meat processing integrated input and output ratio of 1 2 34 compared with the previous increased 0 18 years National Poultry slaughtering and meat processing industry scale enterprises in total profit 15 37 billion yuan up 15 9 which poultry processing profits of 80 4 billion yuan up 26 5 Second the main problem facing Present to achieve structural adjustment of the meat industry has increased the difficulty of the intended target The main reason is First livestock and meat can not meet changes in market demand meat processing Raw material Supply The development of large scale pig farming by food resource constraints Hog prices since April 2008 to the end of eight months of consecutive decline after the Spring Festival in 2009 fell to break even point is the following Cattle sheep and production of contradiction because of insufficient resources to continue to decline prices have been strong and policy support is insufficient 2008 total production of 7 278 7 million tons of meat not yet recovered to the level of 77 million tons in 2005 Inadequate supply of raw materials livestock and poultry enterprises more intense competition for raw material resources a considerable portion of the country slaughtering and processing enterprises have excess processing capacity and operating losses of the problem Second the meat industry shortage of funds livestock and poultry slaughtering and meat processing slow progress in industrial restructuring Since 2007 our livestock and poultry meat industry soaring prices of raw materials in general companies can only meet the existing reserve about half the amount should be used Since most of the low profit margins asset size is small self development capability accumulation it is difficult to expand the acquisition of livestock and poultry to ensure processing needs on behalf of the high proportion of slaughter operations technical renovation and transformation is slow limiting the advantages of business enterprises operating difficulties The acquisition integration product homogeneity problem solving more difficult slow growth in meat production meat quality improvement and upgrading can not meet market demand