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Chicken Salad Recipe: That Never Goes Out Of Style!   by Chris Cornell

in Food / Cooking Tips    (submitted 2011-01-29)

Chicken salad can be improvised and made using a variety of flavors and seasonings. There is no limit to the taste and imagination when cooks work on making this world favorite recipe! In many countries, chicken salad effectively comes under the list of staple foods and this healthy dish is an all -time favorite of everyone. The cooks take it as a challenge to serve this exotic dish in different variations and style by including different ingredients, each time it is set and served.

They are also served in different food platter like they are sometimes stuffed inside sandwiches, in pita pockets and sometimes served as stuffing in rolls or rolled in delectable wraps! It is a great motivating factor for both children and elders alike as shredded chicken taken with salad dressings is simply superb.

For a tasty chicken salad recipe, there are some essential ingredients that cannot be avoided. Chicken can be taken in any form either as shredded, diced, roasted or even leftover chicken can be incorporated in this dish. It is healthy to use olive oil for seasoning the salad. Vegetables like cucumber, carrot, lettuce, radish leaves, etc can be added.

Boiled eggs, Mayonnaise, etc are optional and can be included according to the individual's taste. Greens like celery, coriander leaves, etc add to the flavor of this tasty salad. Adding roasted almonds gives it an exotic and rich taste and it also helps to give a crunchy bite in the salad. Pepper powder, diced red onion, sprouts, lemon juice or vinegar, tomato puree can all be added to make this meal wholesome and tasty.

As there is no cooking process involved, chicken salad can be prepared in a matter of minutes. Firstly, the greens or leaves should be spread over a salad bowl. The mixture of all the ingredients like cut onions, sprouts, baked beans, etc should be placed on the leaves. Then the shredded chicken should be added and along with it the necessary seasonings like pepper powder, mayonnaise, tomato puree, lime juice, etc can be added. Grated eggs and roasted almonds or nuts is of course the crowd puller!