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Caterers And The Boxed Lunch Option

Did you know that caterers don't just provide fancy dinners for exclusive parties? Sometimes, they provide boxed lunches for groups on the go. They prove that it does not need to be fancy to still be considered gourmet. If you have something planned and have concerns about how you are going to handle a meal on the go, consider the boxed lunch option and make the entire process easy and in most cases, affordable.

What comes in a boxed lunch?

Menus vary from one set of caterers to the next but most of the time, the meal comes with some type of sandwich or wrap. A variety of different meats and cheeses are offered and mayo and mustard are usually offered on the side. The sandwich is considered to be the main course. In most cases, the lunch also includes some type of side, often a potato salad or a green salad, and a small dessert. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies are popular dessert options.

Are there a lot of different choices?

Each company will have a certain number of choices available. The event coordinator can choose to have all lunches the same or order a mix of different sandwiches and sides. Because all of the food is fresh and prepared by hand, it is important to make all of the selections in advance. Most coordinators do not specifically ask participants what type of meal they are interested in. The variety is laid out and everyone can pick what they want.

Are there limits to the number of boxes ordered?

Usually caterers need customers to place a minimum order. Somewhere between 8 and 10 is usually the smallest number of boxed lunches that someone can order. Remember that each box comes with the sandwich, the side, a dessert, and all of the disposables necessary, including napkins and utensils. The contents are often marked on the outside of the containers.

How are boxed lunches picked up or delivered?

One of the best parts of a boxed lunch option is the flexibility. It is possible to pick the meals up and take them along to the destination. They can usually be kept in a cooler and will be ready to go around lunchtime. Or, everything can be delivered to a specific location. Either way, caterers will try to do what is best for the customer. If it makes sense, customers can even come and pick up the food on their way to their retreat or meeting.