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Buying At Restaurant Supply Stores

When opening a restaurant, you'll need to think about the stock that you'll need for your kitchen. This will vary depending on the type of restaurant you are opening, but you can get everything you need from a restaurant supply, whether local or online.


The type of cookware you buy will depend largely upon what you are cooking on a daily basis. If you are opening a large restaurant with a big kitchen, you'll want to make sure to get a wide variety of sauté pans, stockpots and other pots and pans to make sure that you have enough on hand at all times.

Kitchen Prep Utensils

This is another category of restaurant supply that you will not want to skimp on. Especially since these are the types of items that are small and tend to get lost and disappear on you.

Tabletop Products

Dishes, silverware, and napkins are all things that are easy to overlook, but they are important to a restaurant. At most restaurant supply stores, you'll find a large variety of items that fit many different styles, so think carefully about the type of restaurant you are opening and the day parts you will be serving before getting dishes and other tabletop accessories.

Professional Knives

Knives are one of the most important things in your kitchen, and you should not skimp when it comes to them. Bring your Executive Chef and Sous Chef with you to make sure you get the right fit, as there are various sizes and you want something that is going to be as comfortable as possible for whoever is using them. Get a wide variety of knives and make sure you take care of them. If you invest in high quality knives and take care of them properly, they will likely outlast you.

Disposable Products