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Best Canned Dog Food to Your Dog's Health   by Jeannie Wu

in Family / Pets    (submitted 2009-12-15)

Choosing the right dog food plays an important role to keep your dog healthy and fit. But, you should always remember that not all canned dog food have the ability to sustain the required nourishment for the development of your much-loved pet. Appropriate best canned dog food should promote health and increase the life span of your dog. So, how can you be sure that you get the best amongst those products claiming to be the best? Here's how:

Browse the internet and read reviews and blogs about the leading dog food products in the market nowadays. There are some web sites that provide analysis that could help you understand the different ingredients used in making canned dog food.

After examining the ingredients, you can seek your vet's advice since they can evaluate whether the food is of good quality or not. This method is used to ensure that the food meet the nutritional necessities of the dog.

In addition, there are some factors needed to be considered when choosing the best canned dog food:

Weight - consider this factor since overweight and underweight dogs have different nutritional needs.

Energy level - dogs with high energy level need more nutrition like dense foods.

Also, consider the different classification of dog food available in the market. That includes grocery store foods, premium foods and healthy foods.

What are the differences between those three types of dog food?

Grocery dog foods are the cheapest choice you can give your dog. Although these foods may be wallet friendly or cost you less, they have ingredients which are not easily digested. They are also having a combination of additives and chemicals that are blamed for causing diseases like gastrointestinal problems and colon cancer.

This type of dog food didn't pass the qualifications to acquire proper nutrition for the growth of your dog. Quality control standards are very low in these foods. Consequently, in some cases, toxic substances such as plastic are identified in the investigation.

Then again, premium dog foods offer high quality ingredients, but still have certain ingredients such as artificial flavors, chemical preservatives and artificial colors that can be dangerous to your dog's health.

Premium dog canned foods are much more expensive than grocery store dog foods, since they contain first-rate ingredients that are easily to digest and give more health benefits to your dog.

While healthy dog foods are often suggested by veterinarians because they have the most healthful ingredients. You could purchase this type of dog food in any pet food market, and is made from the top quality, nutrition rich foods that offer best health benefits for your dog.

These foods are primed with vegetables, fresh fruits and grains such as brown rice and barley that are rich in carbohydrates.

Most of these foods don't include added colors or preservatives. They have extra minerals and vitamins that provide a healthy skin and a beautiful coat to your dog. Since these foods are prepared with premium ingredients, expect that they are costly than other types of dog food.

In summary, you'll really have to spend more to get a healthier and a better quality of dog food. The choice is yours: you should be intense in finding the best canned dog food for your dog. Check all the necessary details like the ingredients found on the tin label.

Now, decide if you'll go... Stop for awhile and think... Or have a full stop picking canned dog food as part of your dog's healthy diet. No room for mistake. Your dog's health would be at stake if ever.