Affordable Custom Designed Jewelry

With global sourcing, beautiful and quality custom designed jewelry is now affordable. More and more reputable diamond jewelry stores these days are offering one-of-a-kind custom designed diamond engagement rings, pendants, earrings, diamond tennis bracelets and other jewelry. I sat with jewelers at one of the online Diamond Jewelry companies to understand how this process works and to provide you with insights on how to buy custom designed jewelry.

There are a few key elements to remember when shopping for custom designed jewelry:

a) Start with an idea or sense of what you like, as well as your budget, timing, etc. You can peruse the jewelry collection of various online jewelry stores to get idea of what is important for you.

b) Work with a reputable jeweler who inspires you. Do your research, ask for references, and look for customer testimonials to get an idea of the jeweler's reputation and to get a understanding of the quality of their work. See their certifications and affiliations.

c) Once you have selected you jeweler, you should get a thorough understanding of the process and feel completely comfortable with their process and prices.

I asked them as to what process do they follow for custom designed jewelry. Below is what I found. The guidelines are general and may vary especially if the jewelry being designed is complex, however it should provide you with an idea of what to expect in a custom designed jewelry process.

Step 1: Contact the Jeweler. Call the jeweler so that they can walk you through process and propose designs. Make the jeweler aware about what you like and want so be prepared to share your ideas, images, styles and other preferences. These details will make the discussion more productive.

Step 2: Get a Price Quote. When you and your jeweler have discussed your design, and seen images (if available), the jeweler will provide you with a preliminary price quote.

Step 3: Simulation and Customization.

Step 3a: Simulation. Once you have approved the price quote, you will be provided with a Computer Aided Design (CAD) design of the jewelry piece. This is a simulation of what the jewelry piece will look like, and along with this you are provided with all the required details as possible, such as weight, dimensions etc. Be sure to cover as many elements of the design and the final piece as you can such as size, scale, type of setting, types of stone(s), metals use for the setting and other aspects.

Step 3b: Customization. You can either approve the CAD of the jewelry piece as is, or make as many changes as you desire until you are completely satisfied with the look of the jewelry piece.