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Adding Another Layer Of Depth To Your Movie Watching Experience

The next time you put in your favorite Al Pacino movie think about where you are watching it. In all likelihood you are probably on a couch watching it on a television set, or in this day in age a laptop is more likely. Sure, this is great. Prop up your feet on the ottoman, enjoy the surround sound, get a clear picture with your 1080p and blue ray player, pretty comfy. Boring! This is great for the casual movie goer, but would you not rather be immersed in the film with a environment that enhances the film?

Take It to the Yard

Yeah, it is a great place to make milk shakes, but kick out the boys and watch a movie out there at night. All you need is a laptop, projector, speakers, an extension cord, and a big white sheet to hang on the side of the building and you are good to go. Scary movies do not freak you out? Try watching one outside in the dead of night; trust me, they get a lot scarier. For an added thrill, camp outside when the film is over for an extra thrill factor.

Bring it to the Street!

If you are lucky enough to have a vehicle with a DVD player, convince a friend to drive you and your buddies around while watching an action flick based in the street. Training Day was a fantastic movie, and Denzel Washington looks like that much more of a bad donkey while you are rolling through streets just like he is. Be careful though, you will be sure to crave some vigilante justice because everyone will look like a drug dealer. And another note, I do not suggest watching any of The Fast and the Furious

movies while in a car ¦ that's just asking for disaster.

Back it up now y'all

Remember how much fun it used to be to make a fort. Couch cushions transformed into castle walls, blankets became vaulted ceilings, and cushions evolve into luxurious furniture. Go back to your childhood and build a fort in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere. Make some cookies, hook up a laptop, and watch one of your favorite children's movies. This is best done with a significant other or children of your own. Do not forget to ventilate the fort! It can become stuffy with lack of air movement and laptops put out a surprising amount of heat, not to mention the body heat “ an intermission might be in order.

Whatever movie

you happen to watch, it can be made more exciting and immersive by making the outside environment reflect what is happening on screen. It might be a subtle change, but it is worth it to switch it up every now and then. Rather than just watching a movie, you are having an experience you can share with friends in family to add another dimension to an otherwise pretty boring activity.

By: Zack Mandell