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Moburg & Associates serves the entire state of Washington.  We are a locally owned and operated full-service court reporting agency.

10 Facts About Court Reporters In New York

Many law firms in the Empire State use New York court reporters extensively to transcribe court proceedings and depositions. But surprisingly, many of the attorneys at these firms are unaware that this only scratches the surface of what a court reporter can do. Here is a look at ten facts about court reporters in New York.

Some of these facts obviously represent the hallmarks of the trade, while others are "hidden talents" of these highly reliable, detail oriented professionals.

1. Court reporting - The most well-known service offered by court reporters. Using shorthand or transcription machines, court reporters will judiciously take down every word that is spoken by witnessed, attorneys and the judge in order to produce a complete, official record of the court proceedings.

5 Most Important Network Layer Protocols

Among the seven layers in the OSI reference model, layer 3 belongs to the network layer. There are some important network layer protocols that you should know of. Protocol is nothing but a set of rules that determine how messages are being exchanged between different computers.

Let us now briefly consider five important protocols that are related to the network layer message transfers. They are: IPv4, IPv6, CLNP, IPSec, and ICMP.


IP stands for Internet Protocol while v4 indicates that it is the version 4. Here, version 4 refers to the fourth revision of the Internet Protocol that was later widely deployed. There exists an IPv4 header structure that is the basis for network layer transfer of packets. This is one of the most important network layer protocols.

5 Steps To Choosing

Every now and then tasks are placed before us in our life, on subject matters that we know nothing about.

When I had to start looking for a hearing aid for my mother, I found hundreds of different options on the market. I know nothing about hearing aids for seniors! I spent well over 97 hours researching these options available, and before I knew it, WELL over 2 solid weeks of my time was gone.

Did it pay off? You bet it did. But I honestly would NEVER want to put anyone else through the same paces that I went through.

So I jotted some notes down during my research process and posted it here with hopes that it will help others save an enormous amount of time and money.

A Court Reporter's Job

The court reporting profession is a large segment of jobs in the judicial field. Online court reporting training can help prospective court reporters and people from other professions as well, become certified to work in the judicial system, in courts or as freelance transcribers and also become proficient in working outside the judicial system.

Education and professional overview

The Court reporting profession is growing at a rate at least as fast as many mainstream professions and much faster than most in the judicial system. The court reporting profession has its place not only in the judicial field but in the fields of media and broadcast (captioning).

Accredited Court Reporting Career Education Options

Court reporters document what takes place during legal proceedings. In order to step into this industry student's need to obtain formal training to gain the skills required to understand court jargon as well as have accurate reporting speed. This knowledge and more is obtainable inside training programs.

Vocational colleges offer students the opportunity to work through programs at the undergraduate level. This excludes bachelors degree programs, which are available to students that decide to further their educational training through traditional colleges. Training focuses on teaching students to understand the processes required to accurately and quickly generate verbatim documents inside courtrooms and other official meetings. In addition to ensuring an accurate legal record professional court reporters work with lawyers and attorney's by suggesting how to find information within the official record. Programs focus not only on the techniques used in shorthand writing but the industry's technology that aids professionals.

Adding Another Layer Of Depth

The next time you put in your favorite Al Pacino movie think about where you are watching it. In all likelihood you are probably on a couch watching it on a television set, or in this day in age a laptop is more likely. Sure, this is great. Prop up your feet on the ottoman, enjoy the surround sound, get a clear picture with your 1080p and blue ray player, pretty comfy. Boring! This is great for the casual movie goer, but would you not rather be immersed in the film with a environment that enhances the film?

Take It to the Yard

Yeah, it is a great place to make milk shakes, but kick out the boys and watch a movie out there at night. All you need is a laptop, projector, speakers, an extension cord, and a big white sheet to hang on the side of the building and you are good to go. Scary movies do not freak you out? Try watching one outside in the dead of night; trust me, they get a lot scarier. For an added thrill, camp outside when the film is over for an extra thrill factor.

Arbitration And Conciliation Act In India

Arbitration, an age old concept in India, is a part of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) with other popular ADR processes like Conciliation and Mediation. In India Alternate Dispute Resolution is governed by the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 which is created on the lines of the Model Law of the UNCITAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law). This article identifies certain problem areas of the Arbitration Laws of India, highlights some of the revolutionary decisions by Supreme Court and points out some of the misuses as well.

Problem areas:

Over the past decade, the lofty objective of enacting this Act stands substantially diluted due to various reasons as follows:

Build A Shower Pan Layer

Build a shower pan properly and it should last for decades. Get it wrong and you soon find out. Building a shower pan often is left to pros, but even pros sometimes get in a mess. Here are the main steps to installing a shower pan the right way.

Drain Mystery Revealed

A tile shower drain contains more than meets the eye, at least more than you can see from the top of a finished shower. That's because the drain actually contains drain holes on two layers. One layer you see in the floor. The mystery layer though is really buried down in the shower base itself. The lower drain catches the water that happens to seep down into the floor.

Ccna Exam Prep Understanding The Transport

This is another CCNA exam preparation tutorial about the Transport Layer of the TCP/IP suite. Understanding the purpose and functionality of the Transport Layer (Layer 4 in the OSI model) is fundamental for understanding how data is transmitted in network environments.

The Transport Layer resides between Application and Network layers and has the critical role of providing communication services directly to the application processes running on different hosts. As message data arrives from an Application Layer to the Transport Layer, the latter places a header on the data in order to identify from which application the data was received. This Transport Layer header contains a Source Port Number and a Destination Port Number. The Port Numbers identify the application from which the data was received or is destined to. Read more on port numbers later in this article.

Court Reporter 101

What is a Court Reporter?

A court reporter documents a word-for-word report of legal exchanges, preserves it in a written copy and keeps it for reference. This constituted record will then be usable to jurors, attorneys, and other legal personnel. For those who want to get involved with this kind of job, acuity, being observant, and the power to work well even under pressure is the key.

Organization and planning of selective information on a courtroom scene can also be implemented by court reporters.

Now we take on the court reporter vocation. Word For Word documentation of jural proceedings can be an arduous job. However, there are different manners of recording which a court reporter can use. The stenographic method is the most standard method where a stenotype machine with symbolic keyboards is utilized. These keys, also known as symbols, stand for actual words that will be transformed by the computer and displayed on the screen when typed in. This action is recognized as court stenography, and the person a court stenographer.

10 Dog House Designs

When looking for a dog house for your pet, there are many House Designs for dogs out there to choose from. However, there are many impractical designs that are just meant to over pamper your puppy, but do not necessarily protect them from the elements. After you have read this article, you will be able to determine which house design will best suit you and your pup.

Here is a short list of doghouse designs:

1. Igloo Doghouse - This are shaped like igloos, and are usually double or triple insulated to protect the pet from all sorts of weather.

2. Standard Dog House - This is just a standard size house, that has a slanted room, just like a regular house, usually with shingles.

A Chicken House Building Plan

When you are on the hunt for a chicken house building plan that will meet your needs, it's important to consider a few critical aspects to make sure you're choosing a plan that will work correctly.

While you search for a chicken house plan, be sure you're keeping these points in mind as if any plan you come across doesn't provide information on these factors, you're going to wind up with issues down the road.

Total Land Size

The very first factor to look at with a chicken house is how large it is. Obviously you want to keep your costs down and build it as cheap as possible, but still, if you build it too small and try and cram it with too many chickens, they will not lay eggs properly.

A Guide in Choosing Whom to Select

A Guide in Choosing Whom to Select for House Buildingҫҫ by Mike Holsing

in Real Estate ҫҫ (submitted 2012-08-03)

There are numerous providers to consider which offer home developments. The worry most home owners usually have is which one to opt for to build or repair their properties. House building requires attention to many factors such as the selection of the company which will certainly construct the house. It is not merely a matter of the scale of the construction it is the capabilities of the company however the ideal selection with regards to your home builder who might have the ability to recognise the demands as well as wishes of the house owner.

Access to Their Own Custom Home

Great House Design Gives Every Client Access to Their Own Custom Home Designerҫҫ by Toan Dinh

in Home ҫҫ (submitted 2010-01-20)

Access to a custom home designer has never been more convenient or affordable than it is through Great House Design and its team of professionals. By giving its clients unprecedented access to world-class stock housing plans and the ability to alter nearly any facet of these drafts through a stable of experienced custom home designers, Great House Designs is the premier option for any customer's needs.

Great House Designs represents the ideal solution for clients that want to receive access to one of the industry's leading custom home designers without running into unnecessary and prohibitive hassle or expense. Great House Designs is a company built on the principle of putting any individual into their dream home at low prices and with the ability to alter nearly any aspect of their future home they see fit. The advantages afforded by computerized drafting makes a cutting-edge custom home designer like Great House Design the only choice for clients that wish to contract a company capable of providing exactly the home they desire.

Accomplish House Building


in Home ҫҫ (submitted 2011-06-17)

It would be nice to accomplish your own house building with less assistance from a building contractor. Building your own home does not entail that you perform the laborious tasks in construction since that is the purpose of hiring subcontractors and trades people in the job. The benefits house building on your own is immense. In consideration of your construction budget, hiring a general contractor would take so much of financial resources. A contractor usually charges fifteen to twenty-five percent of the total amount of the house building project. However, excellent contractors do charge high fees for the reason that they have immense contacts when it comes to subcontractors and trades workers; they are familiar with the processes required for obtaining building and zoning permits; they are acquainted with all the suppliers needed for construction activities at the same time are offered the best prices to obtain loyalty from the contractor; and they are experienced about the ways to manage to diminish or at the very least lessen downtime in house building.

Affordable Custom Designed Jewelry

With global sourcing, beautiful and quality custom designed jewelry is now affordable. More and more reputable diamond jewelry stores these days are offering one-of-a-kind custom designed diamond engagement rings, pendants, earrings, diamond tennis bracelets and other jewelry. I sat with jewelers at one of the online Diamond Jewelry companies to understand how this process works and to provide you with insights on how to buy custom designed jewelry.

There are a few key elements to remember when shopping for custom designed jewelry:

a) Start with an idea or sense of what you like, as well as your budget, timing, etc. You can peruse the jewelry collection of various online jewelry stores to get idea of what is important for you.

An Overview of House Building

When you plan to build a house, make sure you are ready for the whole process. It may seem fun to be able to build a house from scratch but house building isn't a joke. Days of planning are required just to start it. A lot of people would be involved in building a house. You must be ready to spend a lot for materials, labourers, etc. Also, you must remember that it takes months before it is finished. During those months, even if you aren't the architect or the contractor, you will also be busy. You also have to know what's going on and you have to approve things before they do it. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

Build a Chicken House Chicken

If you're looking to build a chicken house, there are some important things that you must consider first before doing so. Many people just jump right into the building process and end up neglecting certain aspects which really cost them a lot of time and money in the long run.

By keeping the following building tips in mind, you will be sure you're making all the right decisions when it comes time to building your chicken coop.

Here's what you need to know.

Tip# 1: Always Factor In Chicken Number

The first thing to keep in mind as you go about building a chicken house is how many chickens you plan to have. You are going to need a much larger chicken house if you want to raise 10 or more birds compared to if you only want two to three.

Chicken House Building Plans How to Choose

If you've currently been looking at some of the chicken house building plans that are on the market, you may be wondering which one is right for you. Many people are not taking into full account which plan will suite them the best and thus they are not seeing optimal results from their efforts.

Taking the time to make sure you're using a good chicken house building plan will help ensure that your chicken coop is a success in the long-term.

Here are the main factors to consider.

Total Size of the Chicken Coop

The first thing to think about is the total size of the chicken house that you're planning on building. If you are going for a small or medium sized chicken coop, you're going to require fewer materials than if you're using a large.

Create Custom Home Plan With

Great House Design: Letting Everyone Create Their Custom Home Plan With Easeҫҫ by Toan Dinh

in Home ҫҫ (submitted 2010-01-20)

Great House Design allows every one of its clients the opportunity to make their unique vision part of their everyday reality with access to its professional custom home planning services. The company is dedicated to giving customers the home of their dreams by presenting the widest possible range of stock and custom house plans, a commitment that makes its services the premier choice for any buyer's needs.

The team of expert designers at Great House Design have come together to help share their knowledge of the home building industry with the average customer. The business has since gone on to build an immensely positive reputation on the strength of its cost-efficient, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing home designs. By staying current in the industry with expertise in cutting-edge technology, Great House Design is able to make minor or major customizations to a client's drafting preferences without requiring expensive billing for lost time. This feature comes together with the business' access to a massive array of stock housing plans to make it an unparalleled service in its field.